Meet the Team

our intention is to lightly sweeten our baked goods so the delicious superfood flavors can shine on your taste buds


Since 1985 Lynne has explored a vast array of professional cooking and baking experiences. Never attending culinary school, she satisfied her appetite for learning how to become a chef on the job. Inspired in the early 1980’s by the NYC vegetarian restaurant scene, dining at innovative spots like The Cauldron, Angelica Kitchen, and Souen. Lynne made a vow to create her own healthy baking business. 


Melanie has had an array of experiences in work, gardening, psychology, travel and education. Her love for food and the process blossomed when she met Lynne and only grew from there.


Colleen’s career path in food service evolved from managing St Charlie’s, a family-owned restaurant in lower Manhattan to founding Galvinbooks after starting a family. Galvinbooks is a bookkeeping company servicing several local small businesses, especially food-related enterprises.